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Shulk and Monado Enamel Pins

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Not just anyone can wield the power of the Monado, but an attack on his colony leads Shulk to discover he is one of the few who can. Will you join Shulk in his defense against the Mechon? Perhaps with a Monado of your own, you can!


✦ Silver Plated
✦ Hard Enamel Pin
✦ Glow in the Dark* + Screenprinting
✦ 1.7" tall
✦ Two posts for balance

✦ Gold Plated
✦ Hard Enamel Pin
✦ Glow in the Dark*
✦ 2” long
✦ Two posts for balance

*UV light will provide the best results for glow. Make sure to charge the glow as well first. Note: B-grade pins are a great option for collectors who have a budget in mind! They are pins that do have minor imperfections, but they aren’t noticeable from a distance, so they are great to wear out on your bag or coat!