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Three Houses Enamel Pins

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Welcome to the Officer's Acadamy, where it will be your job to lead the students from one of three houses.

Will you join Edelgard of the Black Eagles? With many students of noble birth hailing from the Adrestian Empire, her house specializes in magic.

Will you join Dimitri of the Blue Lions? Their students value honour and chivalry, hailing from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.

Will you join Claude of the Golden Deer? With students ranging from nobility to children of merchants, as ragtag as they are, the students of the Leicester Alliance work together to do what it takes to survive.

Or will you join Yuri of the Ashen Wolves? Outcasts to the world above, they lurk below in the Abyss, surviving on nothing more than their wits and companionship.

Black Eagles, Blue Lions, Golden Deer, or Ashen Wolves. Which house will you choose?


✦ Gold/Silver Plated
✦ Hard Enamel Pins
✦ 1.5-1.6” tall
✦ Two posts for balance

Note: B-grade pins are a great option for collectors who have budget in mind! They are pins that do have minor imperfections, but they aren’t noticeable from a distance, so they are great to wear out on your bag or coat!