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Mara Interactive Demon Wood Charm

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Mara's girthy disposition is always a sight to behold! Can he keep it up at his old age? At least with wheels that spin, he can go riding into the night.

Please be gentle with this old demon! Spokes were all hand-cut and wheels were assembled in-house by me with love. 💖 As it is printed on natural wood, the degree of graining will vary.

✦ Interactive Wood Charm (Spinning Wheels!)
✦ Can Stand on its Own!
✦ Double-Sided Print
✦ "Whale" Shaped Rose Gold Clasp (not actual whale shape)
✦ ~3" in size
✦ Smile Face not included, but lemme know if you want me to leave it on)

By purchasing this, I am not liable if this product were to get into the hands of someone not 18+. 😃 The uncensored art of this charm can be found on my Twitter.