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Death's Blessings Enamel Pins

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On your journey to the surface, perhaps you may be blessed with Death's presence. He comes bearing many gifts, whether it be extra life, a critical boost, or a companion.

Please note these are unofficial pins and as per Supergiant's merch policy, these will be a one-time run only, limited edition 100 each, and will not restock. If you purchase sets, they will be packed in matching number sets, but the serial number you receive will be randomized.

✦ Gunmetal Plating
✦ Hard Enamel
✦ 1” Tall
✦ Limited Edition 100 (laser numbered)

Pierced Butterfly:
✦ Gold Plating
✦ Hard Enamel
✦ 0.8" Wide
✦ Pearlescent Enamel
✦ Limited Edition 100 (laser numbered)

Centaur Heart (Filler Pin)
✦ Silver Plating
✦ Hard Enamel
✦ 0.5" Wide
✦ Transparent Enamel + Sandblast
✦ Glow-in-the-Dark Red Centre