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Deluxe Locking Pin Backs

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These locking pin backs have a locking mechanism that holds your pin in place. Perfect for keeping your pins securely on your jacket or backpack!

When you put them on, make sure you feel it click to lock it in place!

To take a locking pin off, pull its two ends apart from each other to open the locking mechanism inside before pulling the backing off the pin.

Available in singles or packs of 10 in silver, gold, gunmetal (black nickel), rose gold, antique gold, and rainbow.

Note: If you select Mix 10, let me know if you have a preferred combination! If not, default for no rainbow will be a mix of [Silver x2, Gold x2, Rose Gold x2, Gunmetal x2, and Antique Metal x2].

Mix 10 with rainbow will consist of [Silver x2, Gold x2, Rose Gold x2, Gun Metal x2, and Rainbow x2] by default.